Our Services


Help Desk, Customer Care, Tech Support, Order Taking

Our offshore contact centre services are generally divided into inbound and outbound services.

Outbound services include advisory services, collection, credit and sales verification, loyalty program management, market research, reactivation, reinstatement and telemarketing functions.


Inbound call centre services include help desk, reservations, order taking, order entry, customer service / customer care, technical support, billing and payment authorization, dealer location, direct response, directory services, electronic eligibility services, lead generation and management, order processing, sales, and telemessaging.

Our customer support / customer care inbound contact centre services employ multiple communications channels, including telephone, facsimile, voice mail, e-mail, instant messaging and Web chat communications.




"Inspire communications were approached by us to carry out our telemarketing campaign. As a publication in its infancy, we needed a company that had the vision and know how to be able to project our product to the UK market"

-Media Mohol.